Love the thrill of speed and the technical capabilities of the new breed of sports cars? If so, then you have a new model to look forward to. The 2018 model of Ford Mustang GT is about to be released which promises a higher horsepower than what you might have experienced with models like Chevy Camaro SS.

As per the manufacturer, the model would have the capability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a matter of four seconds. The torque and power details of the latest range of Mustang models have been released recently by the company. The cars will feature V8 powered engines which would be about the four cylinder EcoBoost technology. As a result, what the car owners would experience is the striking increase in speed they can obtain in such high powered models within a matter of seconds. You can get on the list to be the first to purchase this car like my buddy who owns carpet cleaner Calgary

did. Just go to The Ford Website. 

What you get in the high powered engine fitted models is an extra boost in horsepower as well as a torque of 20-pound feet. This leads to 420-pound feet and 460 horsepower in total in these models. A similar model to compare these cars too would be the Chevy Camaro SS which does lead the way still in the extra bit of torque capability it incorporates.

Even with such standards, you would not think that the Mustang GT would be slow. With the sped build up capability as promised by the manufacturer, you need to invest in the automatic 10 speed model of this range. There is a drag mode that the car comes with which allows the shift to high power and speed happen fast as well as ensures maximum delivery of torque. For driving with such speed and style the car comes with fitted with special sticky Michelin Pilot sport 4S tires.

If you look at the performance of Mustang EcoBoost, that too promises increased performance through its horsepower capabilities remain the same but torque speed increased. You can compare the performance capabilities of this model to V6 Camaro which would be comparable.

With the new 2018 lineup of Mustang models set to hit the dealer networks by fall, you can get ready to take a ride in the new pony models and see the performance differences yourself.


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